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August 2016 Trials Smash Records as 126 Players Are Scouted

Published Monday 5th of September 2016 06:01 PM

The Football Trials that took place over the last two weeks of August have smashed our records from the last five years, with an incredible 126 players being scouted.

Between August 19th - September 1st our team travelled all over the UK on the lookout for Britain's best undiscovered talent and the results were phenomenal. Players were scouted from all of our trials; Cardiff, Birmingham, Manchester, Leeds, Essex, West London and South London, and ranged in age, position and level.

Some of these players have been selected to train with Premier League Academies, while others are looking to make an immediate impact on a Non-League First Team and work their way up the ladder. 

Harry Price, Director of UK Football Trials, said: "Personally I feel that these trials were the best we've had in our five-year-history. The standard was incredible and huge numbers of players were getting scouted every single day, from semi-pro scouts to clubs in the Champions League.

"We had clubs at our trials who had never been before which shows that we're growing as a company and more teams are taking note of the fact that we're actively placing playes into football clubs.

"Obviously this is great for the players too - the more new teams that keep coming to the trials, means more opportunities for the players and more chances to get scouted!"

He added: "We'd just like to say a huge thank you and well done to every player and parent over the last two weeks. Our team have seen more than 800 players from around the world and it's been a fantastic set of trials. The record number of scouted players is a testament to them for putting in the hours of hard work and dedication that you need to make it in this game."

Every player who attended our trials will be contacted by 8pm on Friday 9th Semptember- if you attended and you haven't heard from us by then, please email us on the address at the top of the website.