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Winger Has Trial with AFC Wimbledon & Scouted by 5 Premier League Clubs

Published Friday 7th of July 2017 09:33 AM

League One side AFC Wimbledon beat a host of Premier League competitors to get the young winger into their academy for a trial after scouting him from our camp in April.

After displaying a great attitude at the 5 Day Training and Trials camp in April, coupled with outrageous speed, agility and a mature footballing brain, Jay Thorne was scouted by six clubs, 5 of who are in the Premier League, and was then invited to train with Wimbledon of League One.

Jay, 12, spent a day at the club’s training ground with the u14’s recently, during which he was tested in several different areas, all with a view to a potential six-week-trial.

“He absolutely loved it,” said Jay’s mum, Dawn.

“The environment was great and it was so different to anything he’s done before – a very professional setup.”

She added: “They worked on some areas of fitness like core stability and speed and Jay was actually the quickest player in the testing so I think they were happy with him.”

‘Happy’ could be considered an understatement in truth, as after just two hours of the trial Wimbledon decided they had seen enough.

Dawn explained: “The coaches said that he was excellent and they were really impressed with him.

“They said that he could come into the academy and train for six weeks which was obviously great news for Jay.

“But unfortunately when they found out where we lived it was too far away and they weren’t allowed to take things any further.”

She continued: “Obviously it’s a shame but that was his first professional trial and it was just a different world.

“He thrives in that environment and this has been a wonderful experience for him and one that will help him in the future I’m sure.”

Players under the age of 16 are unable to sign for a club more than an hour-and-a-half away, so unfortunately Wimbledon were unable to act on their interest, but Jay won’t be discouraged and will surely have some more options soon enough.

One of the scouts who represented a Premier League club described Jay as, “a boy who has an excellent attitude and is willing to learn an improve.”

He said: “Together with his ability, Jay has a bright future in the game.”

Encouraged by the huge amounts of interest last time, Jay has already booked a place our next 5 Day Training and Trials Camp in August.

“UK Football Trials helped him prepare for the trial with AFC Wimbledon,” said Dawn, “He came back from the camp a different boy.”

“He’s always been a quiet boy but now we’ve seen a change in him. Since doing the camp all he wants to do is train and he’s always over the park with a ball and some cones.”

She added: “He has really missed the professional atmosphere of the camp and we’re already booked to come back again in August.”