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Marty Gage, Scouted by 5 Clubs, on Trial at Fulham's Academy

Published Monday 4th of December 2017 03:37 PM

Fulham took a big step towards winning the race for 14-year-old Marty Gage, by inviting him for a trial at the academy before other interested clubs.

Marty, who plays primarily in midfield, was scouted by several clubs when he attended our West London event in October this year, including Reading, Wolves and Premier League outfit West Ham.

However, it was Fulham that made the first move and within days of receiving Marty’s details from us, the club scout had arranged for him to take part in a trial at the club’s training ground.

Marty’s Mum, Lea, spoke to us about his time at Fulham so far.


What does Marty think of Fulham so far?

He’s been there for three weeks, training on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday and hopefully he’ll have the opportunity to play in games soon as well. He likes it there and he knows one of the coaches too, which has helped him settle in, but it’s a very nice club with a nice setup and everyone’s been very welcoming.


How has he coped with the level?

I don’t think he’s had any issue at all, he knew a couple of the boys before he went in so that’s been nice, but he’s got a background with pro clubs so this isn’t anything new for him. 


Can you tell us a bit more about his background?

When he was 9 he had a trial with West Ham. After that, Marty spent two years at Ipswich and then moved to Norwich where he spent another two years, but eventually it didn’t work out for whatever reason. From there, he carried on training by himself and working at it, which was what made us book a UK Football Trial and it’s all gone from there.


How quick did the trial with Fulham come about?

About a week after our trial we heard from UK Football Trials who told us there were a few teams interested, then it went quiet for a little bit. Around a week or so later we heard from the Fulham scout Andrew, who told us Marty could come down for a trial the next day, so once we’d heard from the scout it all happened very fast.


Does Marty still do much training alone, even though he’s at Fulham?

Yes, definitely. Obviously he’s now with Fulham three times a week, but he fits his own training around that. He goes for a swim or a run at least once a week, and he does private coaching as well as a lot of weights and sports at school.


What are his best attributes?

His passing, his first touch and football brain. Sometimes people think he doesn’t see a pass but it’s almost as if he’s a step ahead and passing where he wants to player to be, rather than where he is. He’s got a great work ethic and really wants to learn something in every session he does.


And what about areas to improve?

I’d probably say he needs to work on his tactical side, which is where he might benefit from playing with older players, they could help him with that.


What are your thoughts on UK Football Trials?

I know he absolutely loved it, he was free to play how he wanted. What they said in the talk at the end of the day was spot on and was like a life lesson in itself. Marty got a bit frustrated with his football before but he’s found himself and he’s happy again now.