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Sean Tighe, 15, Trains with Curzon Ashton u21's

Published Friday 15th of December 2017 04:38 PM

Sean Tighe has been invited back for more training with Curzon Ashton’s Academy after impressing on trial with the u21’s last week.

At just 15-years-old, Sean was offered the chance to train with both the u18’s and the u21’s at Curzon Ashton, who play in the National League North, the sixth tier of English football.

His Mum, Amanda, spoke to us about his experience at Curzon Ashton and background in football.


How did Sean find out he had a trial with Curzon Ashton?

Well we came to UK Football Trials at the end of October and we were told about a week later that Curzon Ashton had scouted him, and then about two weeks later someone from the club got in touch to ask for a few more details. Towards the end of November Sean got an invitation to go for a training session and that was it really.


How did the trial go?

It was a two-hour trial last Wednesday evening and de absolutely loved it! I was a bit concerned because he was training with a load of 20-year-old men, but there was nothing to worry about really. He kept up with them, scored a couple of goals and I think he thrived playing in a really competitive environment.


Had Sean done anything like that before?

Not really, he did have a brief trial with Blackpool last year but nothing really happened there and that’s about it. 


Does he play for a team at home?

Back home in Ireland he plays in the National League and they won the u15’s league last year, so he’s been doing well and enjoying it lately. 


What made him come to UK Football Trials?

We heard about it from a friend and he said he wanted to give it a go. We’ve actually been to three UK Football Trials events this year and it wasn’t until the third time that he was scouted.


Why do you think he was scouted on the third trial?

Well when he went to his first trials he was 14 and playing in the junior group. He performed well but I think the scouts thought that was just maybe because he was one of the oldest and strongest. When he turned 15 and went up a group, he was playing against 17-year-olds and I think the scouts could see him holding his own with older players. One of his biggest strengths is his pace and moving up an age group and playing on a bigger pitch allowed him to show that off. Funnily enough, the day he got scouted he actually received his harshest feedback from the coach, which just proves that football is a game of opinions.


And what’s Sean’s next step from here?

He’s been invited back to train with the academy again, I think he’ll be with players his own age this time though. So we will come over in early January again and see what happens.