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Cameron, 14, Has Trial for Sheffield United u16's

Published Friday 2nd of March 2018 04:25 PM

14-year-old Cameron Beresford was playing in a trial game for Sheffield United one day after he was scouted from our event in Manchester.

He was scouted on 21st February at our Stockport trial by four pro clubs, including League Two side Port Vale who have also arranged a trial for Cameron in April.

However, in unusual circumstances, Cameron was approached on the day directly by a Sheffield United scout and invited in to play for the u16’s the very next day.

Cameron, who stands at 5 feet 11 inches and usually plays as a right wing back, ended up playing the whole game as a striker and set up both goals for his side in a 3-2 defeat.

“It all happened very fast,” revealed Cameron, “They asked me at UK Football Trials if I wanted to go down to the club tomorrow and play for the u16’s – a year above - against the u15’s.

“It was really good, I enjoyed it a lot and played the whole game up front. I think because I didn’t play in my usual position they might get me back in for another game as a right back.”

Cameron has been operating as right back or winger for Manchester Boy - a team picked out of 400 players - and he’s just been selected for his second consecutive season.

Had it not been for injuries, we may not have been luckily enough to cross paths with Cameron - an untimely injury brought short his season-long stint with Manchester City in 2015.

However things are looking up for Cameron recently, in the last two months alone he has been invited to train with the likes of Oldham Athletic, Huddersfield Town and Stoke City, as well as the opportunities he has received from our trial.

Having so many trials and playing so much football will obviously take its toll on anyone, but at just 14-years-old, Cameron has a disciplined training routine and looks after his body well to give himself the best chance to impress.

He explained: “I only had one day to recover between the UK Football Trial and my game for Sheffield United, so I went home and had an ice bath and just focussed on recovering.

“In a normal week I go to the gym three times, working on core strength, cardio and legs. And then I train or play football about three times a week on top.”

Head of Academy Recruitment for Sheffield United Ash Foyle, who was present at our trials in Stockport, added: “Cameron came in with us and played up front in a game, registering two assists while playing out of position.

“He was very physical and aggressive and was in good shape. He communicated well and used the ball pretty nicely too.

“Next time there’s a game for his age group we’ll get him back in at have a look at him as a right back.”