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Alvin Trials for Arsenal Football Club

Published Thursday 10th of January 2019 01:45 PM

How is the trial going with Arsenal? 

“The trial is going really well to be honest, he is coping well with the training and matches against each other.”



How did Alvin react when he found out Arsenal invited him for a trial?

“Alvins reaction was so emotional and so happy that he couldn't believe it. He supports Arsenal and was like a dream come true for him.”



Could you please explain what it's like at the club, the coaching, facilities and so on?

“Arsenal is the best club in UK for Alvin. It's a dream come true to be there training and playing for them. Arsenal has a perfect set up and structure to develop kids, and the coaching is so professional, challenging and fun too.”



How is Alvin settling in and finding the standard?

“Alvin has settled really well so far. He’s made many friends and they respect him and like the way he plays. The standard is very high and competitive and it's a very good experience. It’s challenging for him to train and play for one of the best clubs in UK.”



How often is he training and has he had any feedback from coaches?

“Alvin trains 3 days a week for 2.5 hours a day. The coaches like him a lot on and off the pitch and he gets positive feedback from the coaches almost every training session.”



Has Alvin played in any games yet? 

“Alvin has only played against Chelsea and that was on his third week, he did well, pressed and worked hard on the game. Also Alvin was invited to play at a tournament in Birmingham which included some of the best clubs in UK - Man United, Watford, West Brom, Bournemouth, Charlton, Brighton, Southampton etc. were there. Alvin scored and assisted many goals that day and it was an amazing experience for him.”



What did you and Alvin think of UK Football Trials and how was your experience?

We think UK Football Trials is the best place to be spotted if you've got the talent and need to be seen. It’s a very professional set up there are many scouts from semi-pro to Premier League clubs. Alvin was scouted by 4 clubs - Arsenal, Reading, Wimbledon and Mk Dons. 



Does Alvin have his own training routine? 

He has an astro pitch at back garden which he practice almost everyday on things like skills, passing, shooting, agility etc. Also he used to play a lot of futsal, which helped him a lot in tight spaces and decision making. Also once a week goes 121 to improve his fitness and agility.



What’s Alvin’s football background?

Alvin has played for many elite grass roots clubs. He also played for Northampton Town for half a season from Sep to Dec 2017. When he was 9, Watford offered him a 6 week trial but unfortunately couldn't make it. If you get released or don't make it you only get better and stronger. Alvin loves football and would never give up his dream.