Daniel Jebbison Makes England U18 Debut!

Daniel Jebbison Makes England U18 Debut!

Published Monday 17th of May 2021 02:49 PM

Daniel Jebbison signed for Sheffield United Academy back in 2018 after being scouted from our trial in Birmingham. Since then he has continued to improve as a player and reach new heights in his football career.

Ash Foyle, Sheffield United Head of Academy Recruitment at the time, explained: “Dan played in the UDAN tournament and did really well, he created a few goals and showed enough pace and athleticism for us to sign him.

After signing for the academy, Daniel continued to impress with the club, so much so that he went on to sign as a scholar and finally as a pro!

However, it didn’t end there for the young, talented striker. In March 2021 Daniel was called up to represent his country at U18 level against Wales!

Speaking With Daniel, we asked him why he chose to attend our event, he explained: “I chose to attend your event because I really wanted to play football at a higher level and I knew I had an opportunity with you. Clearly your trial surpassed my expectations.”

Moving onto the interest expressed by Sheffield United and his eventual signing, Daniel told us: “When I found out the club were interested I was so excited and could not wait to express my technical and tactical ability on the pitch.”

“When I found out they wanted to sign me, it felt amazing and I just wanted to push even harder and go even further in my career.”

He continued: “The training at Sheffield United is intense and it was challenging for me. I had to quickly adapt in order to fit their system.”

After continuously impressing at Sheffield United, Daniel began to attract attention on the international stage and in March 2021 he received a call up from England to represent their U18’s in a match against Wales.

Discussing how it felt to get the call up, Daniel told us: “I felt amazing. I felt so honoured and I am so thankful.”

Daniel continued: “The training with England was short, sharp and they pushed us to keep fit and not fatigue. When I first stepped onto the pitch in the England kit I felt amazing. I was focused and ready to give it my all. I enjoyed every last second.”

Advice offered from Daniel to players who are in a similar position to what he was is: “For all the young players who want to turn pro and play at the top level, always give 110% in both training and in matches. That hard work you put in will always benefit you when you step onto the pitch.”

He continued: “Always enjoy the game. If you don’t love the sport and also have the passion and drive, you wont reach your maximum potential.”

UK Football Trials are delighted for Daniel and would like to congratulate him on his successes for both club and country. We feel honoured to have played a role in getting Daniel noticed and are immensely proud with what he has accomplished since his trial back in 2018.