Robbie Langlands - Aged 13 - Trial for Derby County

Robbie Langlands - Aged 13 - Trial for Derby County

Published Thursday 14th of February 2019 10:55 AM

Two Championship clubs have scouted a young goalkeeper who came to his first ever football trial in October…

Robbie Langlands, 13, was present at our trial in Manchester last autumn and didn’t let the occasion of his first trial get to him, impressing scouts from Stoke City and Derby County, with the latter inviting him for a trial.

“The day after the UK Football Trials event we got an email from Derby,” revealed Robbie’s mum, Kelly.

“So we travelled down and he took part in a training session with Derby. It was brilliant for his confidence and he really enjoyed it.

“It gave him an insight into what it’s like to play at a club’s training grounds and where he could one day be.”

It wasn’t until Robbie arrived at Derby that the club realised their potential new goalkeeper lived in the North East, far outside the 90-minute limit for a player his age – Robbie was 12 at the time of his trial.

Unfortunately this meant Robbie wasn’t able to return to the club for a second trial – despite impressing – and also had to turn away advances from Stoke City a week later for the same reasons.

“It was nice for us that people could see the potential in him, it’s just unfortunate that because of where we live it might be holding him back possibly,” said Kelly.

“We’re just waiting go bring him along to another trial and if we keep putting him in front of the right people, then you never know what can happen.

“It’s just about being in the right pace at the right time.”

Robbie will continue to play for his Saturday and Sunday teams until he returns to UK Football Trials later in the year.